Small, tiny things

Putting the alphabet in order

Sjoe.  What a week.  It’s not confirmed, but it looks like in just three days Nosh4Noah has raised over 100 hours of therapy for one incredible little kid.  That’s pretty mind-boggling.  To think that people literally around the world – both close friends and complete strangers – have stepped up to help.

Never in a million years did we think we’d manage this.  Neither Melinda, Bianca nor I are professional fund raisers.  As we’ve said, this isn’t an official NGO or Section 21.  We just wanted to help a friend and her gorgeous boy.  We haven’t done anything like this before and we’re all on enormous learning curves.

And yet people have been patient with us and so kind, so warm-hearted and so very, very generous.

I spent a bit of Friday night with Noah’s mum.  She was telling me a little about Noah’s therapy.  A lot of Noah’s autism-spectrum related reality generates frustration for him. For example, most 3 year olds understand the concept of ‘first this, then that’. In other words, if you first have a bath, then you can watch some Bob the Builder.

Of course, some 3 year olds aren’t interested in these kinds of compromises, and will try and project their own will onto the situation.  But in Noah’s world (and please forgive my very basic layperson’s understanding), the ‘first this, then that’ idea didn’t mean anything at all.   Can you imagine the frustration?  Not knowing that you will still be able to do something, but only once you’ve completed another task?

Specialised, focused therapy has changed this.  Noah now gets it.  And suddenly his folks have a way to connect with him and guide him through his day in a fundamentally powerful way.  A small, tiny thing that makes such a huge difference to them.

So to everyone who’s helped us get more of that for Noah: thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Nosh for Noah

The folks at Yuppiechef are pretty damn good people.  We knew this.  And so we asked them if they’d give us a hand.  One phone call about #nosh4noah, and they were in!

They donated 2 x R250 vouchers within an hour.  No questions asked.  Just said yes.

See?  Fab people.

So today, for fun, we’re auctioning one of those vouchers off on twitter.  Announce your bid on twitter OR email us on Reference your twitter bid with #nosh4noah so we can track all bids. Cut off is 4pm SA time today (Friday the 22nd of October).  And we’ll announce the winner as soon as we’re sure we’ve got all the bids in.

Please don’t forget to tag #nosh4noah in your bids on Twitter, or we might not see it.

Now, you might have been thinking about donating R250 anyway to #nosh4noah.  This way, you donate the bucks AND you get to buy some kind of scrumptious goodie from the amazing Yuppiechef site.  But of course, if we reach R300 or R400 that would be fab, fab, fab.  Either way, the highest donation / bid today buys Noah some therapy AND a little retail therapy for the bidder.  Win win, we say.

And if you don’t win, how about pledging your bid anyway?

On your marks, get set, GO!

Nosh on!

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A day like no other…

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe yesterday… but phenomenal, awesome and gob-smacking come pretty close.

We launched Nosh4Noah on Twitter and the response was overwhelming.

#Nosh4Noah has been retweeted all over Twitter and donations, offers to host #nosh4noah events, and just plain beautiful sentiments have started rolling in.

The absolutely amazing peeps at kicked off the day by drafting and posting an article about Nosh4Noah. Follow them on @Food24

Massimo’s Pizza Club in Hout Bay joined in the fun by offering 5 bottles of limoncello, chocolate liqueur or sugar cubes at discounted prices with all proceeds going to Nosh4Noah.  Follow the guys on: @pizzaclub_hb

Gorgeous Girl Blogger Rox in the City wrote a blog for us.

The lovely Yuppiechef donated two R250 gift vouchers. More on how we’re going to use those tomorrow!  You can find them at  @yuppiechef.

And the gals at Chilli Marketing have offered a bit of their time to help us. Follow them at @ChilliMktg


The whole point of this is to raise a little dosh for a great kid.  And folks are also showing us the money!  Friends and total strangers who can’t hold events started donating cash directly into the account set up for Noah.

Special thanks to Julia Dunlop who made us all a little weepy with a very generous donation.  Jules, you rock.

We have also had numerous friends, family and tweeps confirming that they will be holding events for Noah, details of which we’ll post the very moment we have them.  Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to do to get your nosh on!

The scale of the generosity has completely floored us. A balance check at the end of the day had us on just under R1500 (and that’s not including many of today’s donations which won’t have gone through yet) – over 20 hours of therapy that will be booked as soon as possible.

We’ve got a long way to go yet but, for today, we think human beings rock. Massively.

Thank you!

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Thinking of hosting your own Nosh for Noah?

Anything goes….

Host your own dinner party, teach a cooking lesson (or find someone to volunteer) or go out for dinner with friends.

Choose any meal!  It can be anything from breakfast, lunch or dinner to high tea or a chocolate fondue!

Make it as formal as you like, or as casual as a picnic. Combine it with an activity, like trivial pursuit, or an informative talk.

We’ve found a few ideas, please feel free to send us some more of your own.

–          Sushi or pasta making lessons

–          Spaghetti dinner

–          Murder mystery dinner

–          Pizza night

–          High tea

–          Trivial pursuit night

–          Add an auction / raffle / prizes (get rid of your unwanted items – and get some donated)

–          Speed dating

–          A lecture or informative talk

–          Themed dinner: e.g. Moroccan, Mexican, Indian, etc.

–          Wine or whiskey tasting

Invite your guests and ask them to pay a set fee (you know how much they can afford), or simply leave a donations jar at the door, and people can contribute as they see fit.

It might help to send an invitation with a link to this blog.

Have fun, and keep us posted on your event details….

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Get your Nosh on

This is Noah. He is three and he can write and count. He has been able to put the alphabet in order since he was two. He can sort shapes and colours, name animals, body parts and really likes to spell words with blocks. LOVE was one of the first words he spelt.  He is extraordinary.

He is also on the autism spectrum.

Noah’s amazing parents recently moved from Grahamstown to Cape Town to make sure he has access to the kind of support and therapy he’ll need in order to ever make it in mainstream society.

But life has been harder than expected.  And they’re R20k short of the funds they need for Noah’s therapy until the end of the year.

The more therapy he has at this age, the more chance he has of mainstreaming.

It’s hard to ask for help.  So we’re stepping in and stepping up.  And we’re hoping you’ll help too.

We’d like to challenge all the Foodie Folk from Cape Town – and beyond – to get their nosh on for Noah.

Host a dinner, teach a class, go out for a meal with friends.

And donate the proceeds of your evening’s entertainment to Noah’s therapy fund.

Noah’s therapy costs about R250 a day, but just R70 gets him an hour he wouldn’t otherwise have. And every hour of therapy at this crucial stage makes a difference.

This is not a Section21 or an NGO initiative.  This is just an act of LOVE.  Because Noah is special.  And maybe you’d like to do something small – something special – for this wonderful little boy.

For more information, contact  Or donate any amount here:

Hayes                                                                                                                                               FNB                                                                                                                                             Branch code: 260211                                                                                                                    Account number: 62286095031

Please let us know on the above email address if you donate so that we can keep track of our progress against the target. Please also send us details of any events you host as we’ll be posting updates and ideas for Nosh for Noah.

Nosh on!

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