Red Velvet Cupcake Deliciousness…

Another day, another report of a highly successful Nosh4Noah event – this time hosted by Ishay Govender and @LadyRaven in Cape Town:

As much as you all feel we’re assisting Noah (and that is the goal), this drive has allowed food lovers and food bloggers to come together, share their stories and have a few laughs in the process and ultimately work together.

I wanted to treat the participants to breakfast and some goodies from Daniela’s – as you know she kindly offered a box of 20 delectable macaroons. We also enjoyed her whoopie pies, which are awesome (you can read here about a super whoopie pie  Daniela made with me later that day)

The morning was fun and relaxed and the cupcakes were adorable. No two looked alike, which can be expected with such a talented and creative bunch!

Kamini posted her write up this morning. We all chatted about doing a joint post, in the spirit of unity, but alas we couldn’t quite figure the technicalities of executing the idea. I’ll put up my post soon..

As you know we had sponsors for the cocoa, aprons, cream cheese and vanilla pods. My husband and I sponsored the groceries. With 10 of us participating, at R200 per person we raised R2000.

Best wishes to you and Noah and his family.


As always, our heartfelt thanks!

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