Taylors’ Treat

On 31 October, the lovely Kim Taylor of Kim Taylor Publicity hosted the very first Nosh4Noah event and has sent us a report of what sounds like a roaring success:

I’ve finally got round to transferring the “jar money” to the Nosh for Noah account!  We had a lovely lunch on Sunday 31 October.  I’m generally a slap-up woollies food kind of hostess, but I made a special effort with the food in celebration of Noah’s cause!

On the menu…


Chinese Spoons on white platters filled with smoked salmon, chilli prawns (chilli spice from Turkey, but that’s a story all on its own) and naughty-but-nice cream cheese

Various crackers

(Washed down with ice-cold Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel)


Slow cooked lamb knuckle stew in sneaky red wine

Wild mushroom risotto with lashings of parmesan

Jamie Oliver’s favourite pasta salad with garlic, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and fresh basil  (which is not for the anti-garlic types, but perfect for the rest of us)

(Some stuck with the Kaapse Vonkel, some moved on to a motley collection of Pinotage)


The tiered cake stand was hauled out of its hiding place, and we covered it with a variety of chocolate fingers, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes… and more chocolate.

(There was tea, coffee and some more Kaapse Vonkel involved!)

We had a glass jar in the entrance hall for anonymous donations, and we were MOST impressed when our total reached R500.  It was a good day, and I was quite impressed by my culinary abilities.  Included is a pic of my daughter, Carolyn, putting the finishing touches on the Chinese Spoons.  And a pic of the table on our patio.  We had lots of flowers in plain glass jars – always a winner.

A fabulous way to kick off the Nosh4Noah events – ENORMOUS thanks to Kim and her beautiful family!

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