Bumbling along

Good book!

Nick Harkaway is an author.  He wrote a cracking fantasy-esque novel call the Gone Away World which is really rather bloody good.  I’m not going to lie; I am a massive, fluffy fangirl.  You can see why here.

He’s also a flippin’ nice human.  Nick tweeted about Nosh4Noah last week.  Interestingly, almost immediately someone asked him how he knew we weren’t a hoax.  Nick responded with this post on his blog about the nature of trust and the risk / rewards about having a low trust threshold on the interwebs.

It kinda blew me away.  For 2 main reasons: 1) because it gave me a big wake up call that even love and good intentions will be viewed with skepticism and doubt and 2) that despite this, lots of people (lots) are willing to risk themselves, their reputation, their money, their trust – whatever – on a brief moment of being nice to another human.

So even though we’re getting a bit of stick, I (we) find I (we) don’t care.  Because for every person who’s assumed we’ve got some kind of nefarious reason for doing this, there are another 15 who’ve surprised us with kindness and support.

And so we’ll nosh on! Until we hit that target.

P.S. the response to Nick’s tweet showed us that we might need to make it easier for our international friends and foodies to get involved.  We’re working on a PayPal button, which should be up soon.  But it’s involving a small amount of admin.  FNB is the only local bank that allows a PayPal set up, so we’re chatting to Noah’s folks about opening a special FNB account, since Noah’s account is currently with another bank.  The wheels are turning slowing, but they’re turning.

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