Nosh for Noah

The folks at Yuppiechef are pretty damn good people.  We knew this.  And so we asked them if they’d give us a hand.  One phone call about #nosh4noah, and they were in!

They donated 2 x R250 vouchers within an hour.  No questions asked.  Just said yes.

See?  Fab people.

So today, for fun, we’re auctioning one of those vouchers off on twitter.  Announce your bid on twitter OR email us on Reference your twitter bid with #nosh4noah so we can track all bids. Cut off is 4pm SA time today (Friday the 22nd of October).  And we’ll announce the winner as soon as we’re sure we’ve got all the bids in.

Please don’t forget to tag #nosh4noah in your bids on Twitter, or we might not see it.

Now, you might have been thinking about donating R250 anyway to #nosh4noah.  This way, you donate the bucks AND you get to buy some kind of scrumptious goodie from the amazing Yuppiechef site.  But of course, if we reach R300 or R400 that would be fab, fab, fab.  Either way, the highest donation / bid today buys Noah some therapy AND a little retail therapy for the bidder.  Win win, we say.

And if you don’t win, how about pledging your bid anyway?

On your marks, get set, GO!

Nosh on!

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