A day like no other…

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe yesterday… but phenomenal, awesome and gob-smacking come pretty close.

We launched Nosh4Noah on Twitter and the response was overwhelming.

#Nosh4Noah has been retweeted all over Twitter and donations, offers to host #nosh4noah events, and just plain beautiful sentiments have started rolling in.

The absolutely amazing peeps at Food24.com kicked off the day by drafting and posting an article about Nosh4Noah. Follow them on @Food24

Massimo’s Pizza Club in Hout Bay joined in the fun by offering 5 bottles of limoncello, chocolate liqueur or sugar cubes at discounted prices with all proceeds going to Nosh4Noah.  Follow the guys on: @pizzaclub_hb

Gorgeous Girl Blogger Rox in the City wrote a blog for us.

The lovely Yuppiechef donated two R250 gift vouchers. More on how we’re going to use those tomorrow!  You can find them at  @yuppiechef.

And the gals at Chilli Marketing have offered a bit of their time to help us. Follow them at @ChilliMktg


The whole point of this is to raise a little dosh for a great kid.  And folks are also showing us the money!  Friends and total strangers who can’t hold events started donating cash directly into the account set up for Noah.

Special thanks to Julia Dunlop who made us all a little weepy with a very generous donation.  Jules, you rock.

We have also had numerous friends, family and tweeps confirming that they will be holding events for Noah, details of which we’ll post the very moment we have them.  Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to do to get your nosh on!

The scale of the generosity has completely floored us. A balance check at the end of the day had us on just under R1500 (and that’s not including many of today’s donations which won’t have gone through yet) – over 20 hours of therapy that will be booked as soon as possible.

We’ve got a long way to go yet but, for today, we think human beings rock. Massively.

Thank you!

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