Thinking of hosting your own Nosh for Noah?

Anything goes….

Host your own dinner party, teach a cooking lesson (or find someone to volunteer) or go out for dinner with friends.

Choose any meal!  It can be anything from breakfast, lunch or dinner to high tea or a chocolate fondue!

Make it as formal as you like, or as casual as a picnic. Combine it with an activity, like trivial pursuit, or an informative talk.

We’ve found a few ideas, please feel free to send us some more of your own.

–          Sushi or pasta making lessons

–          Spaghetti dinner

–          Murder mystery dinner

–          Pizza night

–          High tea

–          Trivial pursuit night

–          Add an auction / raffle / prizes (get rid of your unwanted items – and get some donated)

–          Speed dating

–          A lecture or informative talk

–          Themed dinner: e.g. Moroccan, Mexican, Indian, etc.

–          Wine or whiskey tasting

Invite your guests and ask them to pay a set fee (you know how much they can afford), or simply leave a donations jar at the door, and people can contribute as they see fit.

It might help to send an invitation with a link to this blog.

Have fun, and keep us posted on your event details….

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