Get your Nosh on

This is Noah. He is three and he can write and count. He has been able to put the alphabet in order since he was two. He can sort shapes and colours, name animals, body parts and really likes to spell words with blocks. LOVE was one of the first words he spelt.  He is extraordinary.

He is also on the autism spectrum.

Noah’s amazing parents recently moved from Grahamstown to Cape Town to make sure he has access to the kind of support and therapy he’ll need in order to ever make it in mainstream society.

But life has been harder than expected.  And they’re R20k short of the funds they need for Noah’s therapy until the end of the year.

The more therapy he has at this age, the more chance he has of mainstreaming.

It’s hard to ask for help.  So we’re stepping in and stepping up.  And we’re hoping you’ll help too.

We’d like to challenge all the Foodie Folk from Cape Town – and beyond – to get their nosh on for Noah.

Host a dinner, teach a class, go out for a meal with friends.

And donate the proceeds of your evening’s entertainment to Noah’s therapy fund.

Noah’s therapy costs about R250 a day, but just R70 gets him an hour he wouldn’t otherwise have. And every hour of therapy at this crucial stage makes a difference.

This is not a Section21 or an NGO initiative.  This is just an act of LOVE.  Because Noah is special.  And maybe you’d like to do something small – something special – for this wonderful little boy.

For more information, contact  Or donate any amount here:

Hayes                                                                                                                                               FNB                                                                                                                                             Branch code: 260211                                                                                                                    Account number: 62286095031

Please let us know on the above email address if you donate so that we can keep track of our progress against the target. Please also send us details of any events you host as we’ll be posting updates and ideas for Nosh for Noah.

Nosh on!

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3 Responses to Get your Nosh on

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  2. Maria says:

    I am hosting a concert with snacks and wine on the 13th of December at 20h00. Venue is Rondebosch Boys High School Reeler hall. Musicians from The Royal Northern College will be performing Mozart, Haydn and Peter Warlock. Tickets cost R50 per person.

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